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Naftalan Azerbaijan
Nafthalan - unique health resort of international importance, the only healing naphthalan oil field.

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Life giving Naftalan

Among the hotels of international classopened in recent years, the Garabag Resort & Spa Hotel in Naftalan standsout both for its comfort and a wide range of therapeutic services. The very nature in this part of Azerbaijan has created a unique environment for health improvement: a warm winter and mild summer, low humidity, the abundance of pine forests and vast expanses of steppe. A wonderful park surrounding the hotel has many secluded shady corners and winding paths it is so pleasant to walk on. There are also playgrounds and places for practicing physical therapy.

Already in the first minutes of stay in the hotel, all the fatigue accumulated over the year disappears and stress is forgotten. The beauty of the surrounding nature and attentive staff help you maintain a good mood throughout the day. The hotel is remarkable also because all of its guests can choose a form of recreation to their liking without disturbing others.

In the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus lies the Azerbaijani resort city of Naftalan. This is the only place on Earth where they produce a unique natural substance - naftalan - an indispensable means in the treatment of many diseases

Today the name of this city can be found in the catalogs of the largest travel agencies, in medical and pharmaceutical reference books, journal articles and Internet reports, and it is always accompanied by the most flattering epithets describing the efficient properties of naftalan. Meanwhile, they have been known since ancient times. Moreover, in the early Middle Ages, naftalan was poured into clay jugs and then carried by caravan to distant lands. There were legends about it in Persia and India, China and Russia. The great poet Nizami Ganjavi wrote about it. It is just that, as it often happened in history, wars and political upheavals consigned knowledge of this invaluable gift of Azerbaijani nature into oblivion.

The first official publications about naftalan appeared in the late 19th century. It was then that Ganja, which is located 50 kilometers from Naftalan, was visited by German engineer Jaeger, who hoped to discover new oil fields. He never found oil, but learned about naftalan from the locals. The enterprising German quickly realized what kind of wealth had fallen into his hands, returned to Germany and began to promote in every way the ointment for wound healing he had made. However, Jaeger carefully concealed where he had received the main ingredient for fear of competition. But the ointment really was very effective, and soon became one of the world's pharmaceutical sensations. And then not only the ointment but also other drugs of Jaeger's firm made on the basis of Naftalan began to be sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores in Paris, London, New York, Tokyo and St. Petersburg.

But what was the basis of its medicinal properties? The Academy of Sciences of the Azerbaijan Republic, departments of the Azerbaijan State Medical Institute and the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR studied the chemical nature and physical-chemical properties of naftalan. Such famous scholars like Y. Mammadaiiyev, K. A. Yegorov, A. I. Garayev, T. G. Pashayev, K. A. Krasusskiy, A. M. Guliyev, Sh. Hasanov, M. M. Nevyadomskiy, A. Z. Babayev, N. D. Aliyev, H. S. Abiyev and many others made a significant contribution to the study of naftalan. 1,600 scientific articles were published on this subject and almost three hundred master's and doctoral theses were defended. That is to say the phenomenon of miracolous oil has been studied in great detail.
Thus, it was established that naftalan contains a lot of useful minerals, and most importantly, half of it is naphthenic hydrocarbons - biologically active substances with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, vasohypotonic and anti-allergic properties, as well as has the ability to accelerate the regeneration of tissues of the human body. Naftalan turned out to be absolutely indispensable in the treatment of skin, urological and gynecological diseases, diseases of the joints and periarticular soft tissues of the muscuioskeletai system, ear, nose and throat diseases, and diseases of the nervous system. In other words, the range of its application turned out to be very broad.

In 1926, an all-union resort was set up on the basis of naftalan deposits. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the Soviet Union were treated here. Its effectiveness can be judged by the following fact: the world's only museum of crutches was opened in the city. Former disabled persons left them in Naftalan as they were no longer needed.
However, we have to admit that if the medical component in sanatoriums and hospitals of Naftalan was at the height, the living conditions of patients were almost Spartan at times. There was a lack of facilities and services. And after the collapse of the USSR, the spa resort, which had really unique means of treatment techniques developed for decades, fell into disrepair.

The rebirth of Naftalan happened a decade ago, It was connected with the decision of the President of Azerbaijan Republic Ilham Aliyev to use the enormous natural potential of the country for the development of international tourism. The state allocated a lot of money to this sector of the economy. They were spent on the construction of roads, improvement of communications, building of gas pipelines and new power lines, construction of infrastructure.
Attention and effective help from the leader of Azerbaijan helped to increase the capacity to receive visitors from abroad several times over in the space of a few years. In Naftalan itself and on its outskirts, new beautiful hotels that meet all the requirements of international service appeared. And not so long ago, the opening of the five-star hotel Garabag Resort & Spa was held here, which was attended by President Ilham Aliyev and First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva.

The head of state was satisfied. He liked the hotel. "Both the appearance and the interior design meet the highest standards," he said. Indeed, everything was done conscientiously and tastefully. It turned out to be a totally unique hotel complex, which combines the conditions of an international class hotel and the capacity of a health center equipped with the latest medical facilities.
The easiest way to get to Garabag Resort & Spa is through Ganja International Airport. Today, regular flights are carried out from it to Baku, Moscow, Istanbul, Antalya and Mineralniye Vody. A trip on a comfortable bus from Ganja to the hotel will take about 40 minutes. But if there is such a possibility, the Garabag Resort & Spa has its own helipad.

The building of Garabag Resort & Spa, which is designed to create favorable conditions for its guests, stands in a luxurious park. Green lawns, intricate flowerbeds and groves of tall pine trees that fill the air with aromas of pine needles lie in an area of 13 hectares. Paths paved with white stone invite you for a walk, which can be quite long, because their total length is 3 kilometers.
Here, in the park, there is a tennis court, volleyball and basketball courts and a miniature version of golf. Various gym apparatuses installed along the tracks help adults maintain good physical shape, while kids find something to do for many hours in the children's village. Next to the mini-golf course, there is the Sports Bar, where you can rest between sports matches and drink freshly squeezed juice, a cup of coffee or a glass of tea.

The climate in this area is defined as moderate. In winter, the temperature rarely drops below zero while in summer the average temperature is +26° C with relatively low humidity. Of course, there are hot days too. Then swimming in the large outdoor swimming pool is a real pleasure. And then you can soak up the sun on a beach chair or sit in the Pool Bar, which is famous for its delicious cocktails and refreshments. By the way, the pool near the area is often used for festivals and dance parties, which are always a lot of fun.
The Garabag Resort & Spa fully justifies its "five-star" status. The well-designed layout of the spacious halls, exquisite interiors and elegant and comfortable furniture create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The same high style is present in the decoration and furnishing of rooms. There are 132 of them in the hotel. They can take 264 people. The hotel has 12 Senior Suite rooms consisting of a living room and a bedroom (64 sq. m.); 32 Junior Suite rooms (45 sq. m.); 64 Delux rooms (35 sq. m.) and 24 Club room (30 sq. m.). All rooms have large balconies with a beautiful view of the surroundings.
Good food is a prerequisite for the popularity of any hotel. In Garabag Resort & Spa, it is beyond praise. European, Turkish and of course, Azerbaijani dishes cooked here are not only delicious, but also so beautifully decorated that they will delight any gourmet. A variety of pastry products and fine desserts extend every lunch to infinity, because one wants to try everything.

Meals in the hotel are organized by the "buffet" system: every visitor to the restaurant selects the dishes he likes better. Well, if you want to lose weight or doctors insist on a special diet, a dietary restaurant operates next to the main hall, and its menu includes low-calorie dishes. By the way, the foundation of the cuisine of the hotel is environmentally friendly local products, including herbs and vegetables cultivated specifically for the Garabag Resort & Spa.
In the main lobby of the hotel there is the Lobby Bar, where it is good to sit in the company of friends in the evening. Another one - Aperitive Bar - is located in front of the entrance to the main restaurant. Its purpose is clear from the title. In the Piano Bar, it is possible to listen to piano music while sipping a cocktail. In addition, there is a cozy bar in the right wing of the building, where a retail and entertainment center has been organized with a large children's games store, shops, a billiards room and a concert hall. And, on the contrary, in the left wing, there is the Fresh Bar, where, after procedures or workouts in the fitness center, you can have some health drinks from freshly squeezed fruit.

The working formula of the Garabag Resort & Spa, which makes it different from other hotel complexes of the region, includes two components, the sum of which gives a brilliant result: not only health procedures by the SPA system, but also active treatment with the use of the latest achievements of medicine and, of course, with extensive use of magic naftalan. At the ENTERA health center operating at the hotel, patients will be offered naftalan baths, applications and wraps depending on the disease. All procedures are conducted under the supervision of a doctor and only after a careful examination.

In addition, the center practices various techniques of balneo- and hydrotherapy, therapeutic and wellness massage, aromatherapy, exfoliation and body wraps. Visitors can use an inhalatorium, cryosauna, Turkish bath, sauna, "cedar barrel" and a salt room.

As evidenced by not only medical statistics, but also by the opinion of people who have visited the Garabag Resort & Spa, a month after naftalan procedures, a significant improvement in health is reported in most cases. But apart from medicines containing naftalan, the ENTERA center actively uses natural salts and algae, therapeutic volcanic mud and extracts from medicinal plants. Along with the programs for the treatment of chronic diseases of muscles and joints, neurotic disorders, ailments caused by metabolic disorders, psoriasis and allergies, guests of the hotel have the opportunity to undergo SPA procedures aimed at improving and relaxing the body.

For physical therapy sessions and yoga, the center has several rooms equipped with weightlifting and cardiovascular equipment from Technogym. Sessions are held under the supervision of doctors and coaches. And then the real bliss comes - relaxing in the hammam or swimming in the adjacent pool.
On the ground floor of the hotel there is a business center, where you can hold a meeting or business negotiations and work with documents on computers. Nearby there is a library with a good selection of literature in several languages. WiFi works in the territory of the entire hotel.
The best achievement of the hotel managers is the well-chosen staff. Courtesy, kindness and readiness to help at any time combine in every employee with a high level of professionalism and knowledge of several languages. In general, each guest in the Garabag Resort & Spa will be received so that they will most likely not want to leave.

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