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Naftalan Azerbaijan
Nafthalan - unique health resort of international importance, the only healing naphthalan oil field.

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Medicinal properties of Naftalan

"Thick blood of the earth" - the so- called naphthalene in the Caucasus. More than 100 years have passed since the beginning of the study and application of therapeutic properties naftalan . Its efficacy in various diseases confirmed by the results of more than 1,600 scientific papers and monographs , including 270 theses.

Naftalan oil absorbed through the skin, has a positive effect on capillary blood flow , improves circulation in small blood vessels , dilates blood vessels , reduces blood clotting, increased activity fementativnyh processes , stimulates all body functions. , Has antimicrobial activity .

The main active principle naftalan are naphthenic hydrocarbons, which have anti-inflammatory , analgesic, vasodilatory , anti-allergic , stimulating trophic functions that increase the intensity of metabolic processes , stimulates the processes of spermatogenesis , accelerates ovulation and oogenesis .